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Our client, Absolute Action, produce high end lighting with our fittings. Interested in their products or what we can make that's similar? See it here!

Absolute Action

Specialising in fibre optic lighting, Absolute Action are one of our main clients and have an impressive range of clients. Their lighting solutions are present in surprising places both in the UK and in America, helping businesses and institutions to get just the right atmosphere for their locations. To get in touch with them and see what they can do, browse the selection we are showing off below or contact them via the buttons below.


Egghead Fitting

This classy lens-holder sits atop a clear rod to give a vertical shaft of light down on the subject it's positioned above. Machined from aluminium via our CNC machines & anodised, this durable lighting arrangement gives an exquisitely refined touch to a room. This product has been developed in partnership with Absolute Action, specialists in fine fibre optic lighting effects. For more information please contact Absolute Action by email, by phone, or visit their website via the buttons at the top of the page.

Underwater Pool Light Fitting

These under water pool light fittings have durable plastic bodies with marine grade stainless steel face plates which can be polished to a high gloss finish. Designed to be placed with a minimum of maintenance required and fully watertight, they are available through Absolute Action who can be contacted through the above buttons at the top of the page.

These pool lights make a great addition to indoor and outdoor pools, great for adding the right amount of ambience to enjoy with a swim or at a small gathering or party.

Art Light Wall Fitting

Designed to add a little class to an art display or just to make a room a little brighter, this 2-part wall bracket is also produced for Absolute Action by ourselves. In the picture, it is shown in it's machined form without any finishing process applied to demonstrate the construction of the device. The fitting will go on to be powder-coated in order to match other fittings or simply be coloured as required by the client.

Miscellaneous Fittings

We also produce a variety of other fittings for Absolute Action including cowls, snoots & "eye-ball" fittings for a variety of purposes. Most are made in aluminium due to the lower weight of the finished item but we can also make a variety of fittings in brass or stainless steel if preferred. The best way to find out if we can make what you require is to contact Absolute Action via the buttons above and contact them. We'll still be making them but they are the experts when it comes to lighting solutions!