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With our custom designed motorbike adaptation patented, we now offer motorbike parts. Take a look and see if we can make something similar for you.

The Twin Master Cylinder

One of our main products and a source of pride is this particular solution demonstrated on our Solutions page.

The Twin Master Cylinder works for control of the brakes and clutch or just both the back and front brake. It was designed & developed in conjunction with PFM Brakes & tested by Philip Tucker (our engineer and Managing Director) on his own bike prior to being put into production. After losing his right leg above the knee in a motorcycle accident, Philip tried using existing adaptations, but wasn't satisfied with the equipment available. Being a skilled engineer himself, he began developing his own ideas. These ideas have been tested & proven & are now incorporated into the PFM brakes Twin Master Cylinder design. PFM Brakes hold the patents & market their product through their page on the PFM Brakes website. You can find their contact details on their website using the following link below.

A further ‘flip-up’ feature has recently been developed and is available for the long lever, aimed to reduce damage from dropping the bike, by enabling it to fold under pressure. Remember to ask about it when placing an order.

PFM Brakes

Kawasaki Z1300 Water Pump Housing

When a client was removing the water pump housing from a Kawasaki Z1300, he ended up damaging the housing and discovered that others have damaged the housing when performing the same removal.

We were then asked to make a copy of the part because Kawasaki no longer supply the part for this particular motorcycle. The thermostat cannot be removed without damaging it from what we can tell also, so we figured this problem would likely occur for others. For enquiries about this, or any other part, please follow the links in the contact page or in our site footer.

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Honda Sabre 1100 Fork Brace/Mudguard Mount

This particular product was produced for the Honda Sabre 1100 as a replacement for the stock mudguard which lacked in strength due to being made of cast metal.

The customer's original part had broken in a place where a bolt locates to secure the part to the motorcycle. When he tried to find a replacement, he found it to be a common problem and therefore asked our engineer to reproduce the part but wanted it to be stronger and to look better when polished.

If you are interested in this part, feel free to contact us via the contact details below or via our Contact Us page.

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Triumph Sprint Motorcycle Upper Yoke

This innovative new yoke design has been created to give a neat appearance with lean lines, by hiding the pinch bolts that are located underneath. It was an idea our engineer had some time ago, so when a customer asked us to make a yoke to convert his Triumph Sprint to normal handlebars, we used it as an opportunity to develop the idea further.

Eventually we produced a direct replacement to the standard clip-on handlebars with this product. Please call or email for details or to order for the above bike. To adapt for other applications, further dimensions will be needed so that we can modify the design to fit if necessary.

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