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It's hard to know if we're the solution for you if you don't know our capabilities. Take a look here to see what our machines can do.

Hardinge-Bridgeport XR760 CNC Mill (Added Dec 2014)

This Bridgeport XR760 is our most modern machine, which we mainly use for the production of larger items. With a roomy interior for plenty of space to machine, it is capable of machining pretty much any size item to our maximum size. It is better suited for the removal of stock aluminium, so it is also used for profiling work.

  • Number of Axes: 3
  • X Axis Travel: 760mm
  • Y Axis Travel: 610mm
  • Z Axis Travel: 610mm
  • Tool Stations: 30, with BT40 BIG PLUS tool-holders for increased rigidity.
  • Motor Power: 21 kW
  • Spindle Speed: 12000 rpm

Full machine specifications are available here: The XR760.

Bridgeport VMC460 CNC Mill

The Bridgeport VMC 460 is our smaller mill, mainly intended for production work of smaller, longer run items. Capable of machining a range of materials and a variety of small to medium sizes. It can handle some larger items, though we favour our larger mill for such tasks.

  • Number of Axes: 3
  • X Axis Travel: 460mm
  • Y Axis Travel: 350mm
  • Z Axis Travel: 480mm
  • Tool Stations: 16
  • Motor Power: 7.5 kW
  • Spindle Speed: 6000 rpm

Colchester Tornado A50 CNC Lathe

Our main workhorse lathe, this machine until recently was our only CNC lathe. Due to the need to increase capacity, our A90 was added. This lathe primarily does our smaller diameter parts work and is set up to bar feed for hands-off production.

  • Number of Axes: 2
  • X Axis Travel: 170mm
  • Z Axis Travel: 350mm
  • Loading Types: Manual, Bar-fed
  • Tool Stations: 12
  • Pipe Capacity: 1.3/4" diameter
  • Collet Chuck Capacity: 1.5/8" diameter
  • 3-Jaw Chuck Capacity: 6" diameter
  • Motor Power: 5.5 kW
  • Spindle Speed: 6000rpm

Colchester Tornado A90 CNC Lathe

This lathe is our latest addition to the workshop, with a larger size capacity for larger materials to make a wider range of parts. It increased our turning capacity so that we could handle more turning work. It also has a more powerful motor, which makes it more capable for dealing with more resistant materials.

  • Number of Axes: 2
  • X Axis Travel: 230mm
  • Z Axis Travel: 450mm
  • Loading Types: Manual, Bar-fed
  • Tool Stations: 12
  • Collet Chuck Capacity: 2" diameter
  • 3-Jaw Chuck Capacity: 6.8" diameter
  • Motor Power: 11 kW
  • Spindle Speed: 4000rpm

Manual Machines

Although we vastly favour CNC lathes and mills for our work, occasionally there isn't any need to program or set up a machine for production. We also use manual mills and lathes for modification work, which allows us to easily perform low volume modifications on produced parts. So far, we have: 2 manual turret mills 2 manual lathes of various sizes, optional end-stop on 2 of them

Large Capacity Manual Lathe

Secondary Manual Lathe

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