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Although we focus on producing items for our clients, we also maintain a select range of products developed from our solutions to problems. Take a peek!

Lighting Components

Produced for one of our clients, Absolue Action, these lighting components are machined for use in a variety of locations. High end shops and locations are the usual market and the majority of components made are for modern fibre optic and LED lighting!

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Motorcycle Parts

With half of our workforce being motorcyclist, it's only logical for us to produce parts for them. Either designed to fix problems or just to add style, there's a small range of parts that might be useful - including our Twin Master Cylinder for amputee riders which help keep those without limbs on two wheels.

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RC Buggy Parts

Some of our most popular products are our buggy parts, which were designed to replace the plastic parts of the Nitrotek Yamabuggy RC buggy. Anodised in three colours and machined for strength, they're great for outdoor RC buggy sports where crash damage might ruin the original plastic parts.

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Coming Soon

Eager to see more? We're developing and producing new products as we're asked to machine various exciting things. During downtime when our machines are idle, we try to solve everyday problems for unusual people, making solutions that can be machined and produced! Keep an eye on our latest news page for information.

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